Street Style: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” at Uptown Theatre

Gunthar Reising

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is famous for its cult following, vulgar counterpoint dialogue and its central character — mad scientist, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a self-proclaimed “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania.” The latest midnight showing at the Uptown Theatre succeeded in honoring these peculiar traditions.

Those in attendance donned a whole spectrum of getups — from sweater vests to garters to corsets. The crowd was full of patrons who refused to get their picture taken in fear their employer might see it.

Without a doubt, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” brought out the best in everyone — here are some of the night’s finest.

Jennifer Bean

What she wore: a thrifted dress, Halloween store boa, Army surplus boots and a wig found in the bottom of an old box somewhere.

The sequins, wig and boots turn this outfit into a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” classic.

The dress says elegance and the boots add the perfect inflection of edge.

The outfit is nothing, however, without the boa which provides uniformity from top to bottom.

Peter Schmidt

What he wore: black vest, AliExpress lace shirt, Express jeans and Green Lantern Nike shoes.

Schmidt channeled his inner Frank-N-Furter for the night, getting gothic and lacy for the event.

The Nikes give the look a modern twist — they accent the dark clothes, as if to say, “Yes, I have a Marilyn Manson shrine in my apartment, but I also play pick-up basketball at the YMCA every Sunday.”

Well done, Schmidt. Well done.

Alex Gregory

What she wore: gold sequined jacket from Arc’s Value Village, a thrifted red corset and Fergalicious boots

Gregory combined metallics, lace and reds for a truly regal effect.

Gregory’s outfit is a clear metaphor for Janet Weiss’ awakened and unabashed sexuality in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Perhaps she found her very own muscular monster.

Alex Feroe

What he wore: striped Target tank top, Ragstock shorts and flip-flops.

With Feroe’s outfit, it’s not so much about what he wore — it’s about what he didn’t wear.

In an intrepid rebellion from the traditionally gothic styles of the movie, Feroe went for colorful beach day attire.

The shorts, artfully chosen several sizes too small, seem to say, “I’m here. This is me. Take it or leave it.”

Props to you, Feroe. Keep pushing those fashion boundaries.