Jury will hear Talley’s dying words

Hennepin County District Judge H. Peter Albrecht ruled Friday that University student Kami Talley’s dying words are admissible in the murder trial of Louis Cardona “Butch” Buggs, the man accused of killing her.
Defense attorneys John Lucas and Pia Sass were trying to prevent Talley’s words from being a part of the trial because they said no one could be sure she knew she was dying when she said them.
When police discovered Talley shot at her workplace in northeast Minneapolis, they asked her who had done this. She replied, “Butch” and then, after being asked again, she said, “Buggs.”
Judge Albrecht ruled that Talley indeed did know she was going to die, even though she did not explicitly say so, according to a Star Tribune report.
Prosecuting attorneys said they also have other evidence against Buggs, such as a small red bag police found that supposedly concealed his gun and a will allegedly written by Buggs five days before the shooting.
Both sides are expected to make more motions on evidence today.
“There’s still a question on whether certain evidence can be used,” Hawley said. “A lot has to be decided.”
Jury selection, which was scheduled to start Friday, has also been delayed in the trial, but is expected to begin early this week. The selection process could take up to two weeks.
Buggs faces first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of his girlfriend Talley. Talley was killed last Feb. 14 in the northeast Minneapolis office where she worked.
If Buggs is found guilty, he could be sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.
— Jim Martyka