Service with duty

Chris Parker, you appear to suffer from a gross misunderstanding of the concept of âÄúduty.âÄù LetâÄôs set aside the fact that our country is fortunate enough to have an all-volunteer military while engaged in an unconventional war on two fronts because of recruiters doing their job. Our servicemen and women do not choose where they deploy, they do not choose who they fight. They do make a choice to volunteer, to swear an oath and then to do their duty. If you fail to understand why certain people enter into to such contracts, I for one am pleased you did not take up the recruiterâÄôs offer. Duty cannot be explained or taught in a classroom. Being the case, military service is not for everyone, and it is not for you. I would like to make a simple request that you do not disgrace the written word or this countryâÄôs military by writing sensationalistic dribble as if you were a writer for âÄúCountdown with Keith Olbermann.âÄù Tony Gertz University graduate student