New local music from Bandcamp

Sarah Harper

The coolest feature of, an online music store, is a filter that allows fans to view new music releases by location. What’s new in the Minnesota section? Here’s a choice harvest from Bandcamp’s newest MN crop:


“When it rains, it pours” by Beaker

Noteworthy: The DJ made a mash-up called “Beak Nasty vs. the Allman Brothers Band,” which showcases his fine taste in samples. In that same sophisticated vein, he’s done remixes of the Weeknd’s “High for This,” Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci,” and the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.”

Price: You name it.

“The Circle of Blood” by Redsky

Noteworthy: This music is perfect for when you’re mad and craving bad music. The hoarse lead singer of this thrashy band screams, “I will make you beg for your final breath.”

Price: You decide for the digital version, $10 for the physical copy.

“Songs Giving Food” by Joshua Vandercar

Noteworthy: Christian singer Vandercar has a voice that was tailor-made for folk music. Sometimes he sounds like Bob Dylan, other times he sounds just like Neil Young. Unfortunately, the vehicle for this angelic voice isn’t as choice: the lyrics of his song “One Land” are shallow, sappy cliches.

Price: 50 cents

“On the Sidewalk” by Junebug

Noteworthy: The quartet flatters itself by making a Paul Simon comparison on its profile. But the quirky funksters are onto something: on their new song, they’ve joined lively beats with whimsical lyrics for a sound that does evoke Simon circa “Graceland.”

Price: Free