Perspective of an occasional smoker

As a University of Minnesota student that has, on occasion, enjoyed a puff on a cigarette or two, I have also enjoyed a place in the crowd of 50,000 or so finding myself hacking after being victim of wind-wafted secondhand smoke. In the latest Minnesota Daily opinion columns and letters, facts and figures have been divided into two columns, desperately scrapped together in defense or offense of the outdoor smoking ban, by students, varying from smoker to non-smoker. The University is attempting to showcase a problem that directly affects the diverse student and faculty population here, and to offer a slice of an idea of how to find a solution âÄî the problem being the harmful effects of cigarettes. This ban is clearly an important topic to many students on campus, and the University is in no way out of line by attempting a situational analysis of the students and its faculty and ways in which the University may be able to help promote their health. Let the facts and figures fall where they will, and how about we all start trying to create a solution that could please a greater majority, as opposed to condemning the idea of âÄúanti-smokingâÄù to death. Britt Tracy University student