Implementation team meets for first time

Katherine Wolfe

The team that will determine how to restructure the University of Minnesota Graduate School convened for the first time today. The 18-member implementation team, which is made up of faculty and two graduate students, met to set the dates for future meetings and to discuss how to approach the task of restructuring the school, University Spokesman Dan Wolter said in an e-mail. During the two and half hour session, Senior Vice Provost Tom Sullivan also answered questions about what the "charge" of the committee is, Wolter said. The team will meet on Fridays and will likely have sub-committees to deal with more specialized areas, he said. The team has until April 17 to make their final recommendations to the Provost’s Office and afterwards there will be an opportunity for public comment, according to University Documents. Today’s meeting was not open to the public. This reporter was not allowed in.