Mark Roosevelt, Republican candidate for State Representative, District 66b

Many politicians nationally have been talking about change recently. What do you think needs to change in Minnesota and how do you plan to address that? I think that one thing that needs to change is the taxes we pay here in the state âĦ people are tightening their belts, businesses are tightening their belts and our Legislature is raising taxes year after year without any control over their spending. So I think the bottom line is the control of spending within the state. How would you encourage economic growth in Minnesota? I guess by providing different incentives for people to keep business here. IâÄôve actually worked for several businesses in the Twin Cities that have shipped a lot of their jobs overseas and out of state and everything else. ItâÄôs taken away jobs from the people of Minnesota. IâÄôd encourage incentives for businesses to conduct business in Minnesota and keep their business in Minnesota. With tuition costs rising, what, if anything, would you do to make college more affordable? I think putting a cap on tuition would be a good idea, but I donâÄôt know how far that would go with our colleges and universities in the state. Maybe having where we can only raise tuition every so many years âÄî thatâÄôs something more to examine âĦ maybe by putting a cap on the tuition and only being able to remove that cap every, letâÄôs say, three to five years. What is your stance on gay marriage? I donâÄôt support legalizing gay marriage, but I support recognizing gay and lesbian unions. What is your stance on abortion? IâÄôm pro-life, but I believe that if somebody is going to have an abortion, it should be âĦ because of extreme medical conditions or in situations like rape or incest. Do you think more money should be invested in mass transit, and if so, where should the money come from? I think Minneapolis/St. Paul, [the] Twin Cities area has a fair transit system. I think we have a better transit system than a lot of other places in the United States. But I think that we should invest in mass transit, you know, the light rail and everything. I know the federal government is probably going to kick some of that money in, but I donâÄôt know where the money should come from otherwise. I donâÄôt want to raise taxes and I donâÄôt want to do another gas tax, but I want our transit to excel, too. Minnesota voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, which would increase the state sales tax to fund the environment and the arts in Minnesota. How do you feel about this amendment? I feel strongly about it. IâÄôve been reading about it and I think that âĦ having clean water, clean lakes, clean rivers, is important. I think itâÄôs a small price to pay to keep our waters and drinking water safe.