Gaddafi can’t get a book deal, either

by Grace Gouker

For his doctoral thesis, Saif Gaddafi used”The Role of Civil Society in the Democratization of Global Governance Institutions” to describe the work on its title page. The work calls for Libya and other countries to embrace democracy and political reform.

Soon after it was finished, the Oxford University Press, salivating at the opportunity to publish the work of the man presumed to be Muammar Gadaffi’s successor, offered the younger Gaddaffi a book deal — pending review by international scholars. The OUP has recently decided to not publish the work, citing Libya’s current socio-political environment as the reason. 

The London School of Economics and Political Science, Gaddaffi’s alma mater where the work was created, is investigating at least 16 charges of plagiarism within his thesis. It comes as no surprise, then, that Gaddafi has condemned protesters in Libya, although they were — in almost all respects — merely agreeing with the democratic ideals Gaddafi himself advocates in the thesis. 

Saif Gaddafi’s thesis can be found here, and some of the excerpts being investigated can be found here