Daily Digest: Sports scheduling and Capitol rallies

by Courtney Sinner

We’ve reached the mid-week slump, folks. Since I missed the Digest yesterday, Mr. Rose has convinced me to write todays (but mostly, he just pawning off the responsibility). Let’s jump into the news:


* If you’re like me, you never thought of applied mathematics having all that much to do with scheduling sports … but apparently there’s a pretty big correlation. The U is hosting a lecture by a Carnegie Mellon University professor who’s done work with Major League Baseball in creating the "optimal" schedules, which often affect things like ticket sales and TV networks. His lecture isn’t for another week, but you can view more details about it here, and to read up on some of the U’s sports scheduling background, you can view a Daily report from a few weeks ago on the topic.


* Yesterday was Arts Advocacy Day at the State Capitol — which is apparently kind of like Support the U Day, but for the arts. As the Daily prepares it’s coverage of Support the U Day, we’ve been wondering if it’s even a big deal anymore. Legislators are used to rallies on the lawn, so do they even notice? Minnesota Public Radio’s article on Arts Advocacy Day asked that very question, and talked to a plethora of people in Minneapolis’ arts community, including one U prof. For a round up of Wednesday’s Support the U Day, stay tuned to mndaily.com


* On a lighthearted note, this blog post by MinnPost’s David Brauer made me laugh today. I won’t give any hint to what it is — just click the link. Trust me.


That’s all I’ve got today. Happy Hump Day!


Courtney Sinner

Campus Editor