Kate Winslet wins Best Actress, Sean Penn wins Best Actor

by Rebecca Lang


Kate Winslet graciously gave thanks while telling Meryl Streep, that she could "just suck [up]" the fact that no one else could even believe they were in a category with her. This speech was arguably better than her Golden Globe speech, wherein she forgot that Angelina Jolie was in the category and then, upon realizing it, panicked.

Her performance in "The Reader" earned her her first Academy Award. She has previously won two Golden Globes.

“You commie, homo-loving sons ‘a guns,” Sean Penn jokingly told the audience as he accepted his award for best actor in “Milk.” He has previously won one Golden Globe and one Oscar.

Also winning for supporting roles were Penelope Cruz ("Vicky Christina Barcelona") and Heath Ledger as the joker. A surprising loss was Ari Folman’s animated war documentary, "Waltz with Bashir."