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>From statsMajor

I have to say I completely agree with CLAer, especially the statements, ‘one-half of all undergrads on the Twin Cities campus are enrolled in CLA’, and ‘CLA accounts for approximately 30% of all degrees earned anually here at the U’. I guess that just about settles it, then. Go figure (if you can). Net: OK, CLA people, how many of you can correctly spell the word “annually”?

From ITer

Greetings, Net. I couldn’t help but chuckle a little when I read CLAer’s entry on Friday. Apparently, CLAer just had Lasik surgery, since many of my engineering peers and I have been proudly wearing those T-shirts stating “The Difference” since they came out in Fall 2001. Net: If you all had ever taken a CSCL class, you would know that your shirts would be much cooler if they said “The Différance.” I find it interesting to hear about all the buildings and what not the U has devoted solely to CLA majors. It doesn’t change the fact that you’ll all be flipping burgers in 5 years. Net: Now, we have both a BK and a McD’s right on this campus. You’ve all been in them. How many of the workers there do you really think have a bachelor’s degree? And you’re right, us ITers can put up with jokes about lacking social lives and personalities, because we know we’re still smarter and better than you. To show you how lame CLA is, let me psychoanalyze your personality (with no psychology experience whatsoever). You are a freshman student overwhelmed by the sheer size of the University. In a desperate attempt to fit in and find “friends,” you submit a Network entry that gains you the support of half the student body. Net: Just how many “friends” do you have, ITer? And by “friends” we mean “actual people who like you” rather than the more common IT definition of “fictional Internet chat personas owned by lonely 45-year-old men who pretend to be busty anime heroines.” Little do you realize, without half the buildings, staff, etc., the U would be in better financial shape and our tuition rates wouldn’t keep hiking up. The U keeps CLA around because there needs to be a place for all the people who only do “OK” on their ACTs. So, my advice to you is to add this to your list of phrases to memorize: “Would you like to supersize that today, sir?” Net: Yeah, like 2.5 points on the ACT separates the employable from the unemployable. In this country, your race and how much your daddy makes are much bigger factors.

From iq9

interpreters? are you NUTTing kidding? go back to chem 1011 and sit with 300 other identical people, all wearing: a) trucker hats, tilted to the side or b) pink and white striped button down shirts with the collar turned up. the weight of stupid in the air is noticeable in that college, and the hundreds of blank stairs when the prof asks a question are a testament. Net: Do the stairs in IT have things written on them? How does that make for a better college? Perhaps you could write us a halting, poorly spelled term paper on the subject in green crayon. And draw a picture of Sailor Moon on it for extra credit. CSOM may be clearly evil, and some NUTThole from that school will most likely own my soul later in life, but at least they’ll have the brains to trick me into signing in blood on the dotted line. in summary, gel and bleached tips clearly cause brain damage, and a&f clothing shows off how much of a unique snowflake you really are. love and kisses Net. Net: The differences are minor compared with the similarities.