Distribute Coffman’s floor space fairly

In response to the Nov. 4 editorial, “CoffmanâÄôs second floor,” it is true that cultural groups are unifying communities where students are able to meet and congregate with those of similar backgrounds. The second floor in Coffman Union is home to close to 30 diverse organizations that have repeatedly reserved space yearly.

The problem is that there are nearly 700 student groups affiliated with the University of Minnesota that are not getting an equal chance at the Coffman space. Many do not have places or areas on campus that they can assemble. Configuring a student resource center on second floor would surely take away from the student community as well. An option that should be proposed is a fair system to distribute student rooms in Coffman.

As of now, every year, most of the same groups are able to reserve the same space they had the previous year. Not all of the 700 student groups are actually interested in a room at Coffman, but those that are should get a reasonable chance. The University could establish a rotating system that enables groups to only reserve a room for every other semester. Another option is that organizations with low traffic should be rotated out more or share the room with other student groups in order to utilize the room effectively.

Student groups are extremely important because they provide a comfortable learning environment. The resource center would definitely take away from the student community, but leaving the Coffman second floor as is would also be detrimental. Allowing other student groups a chance at the space will help expand the student society to even more diversity and cultures.