University reputation is no joke

The erotic homecoming routine was made in poor taste.

Meghan Paul

The joy and excitement of homecoming arises from the unity of students past and present coming into the new school year. The homecoming at the University of Minnesota was particularly unique in that the stadium returned to campus. Though the athletic life has been of little interest to me the previous three years, this particular homecoming pep fest was important, as this is now my senior year at the University. I was able to enjoy Garrison Keillor discussing the quirks of Midwesterners and savored the band marching through the brisk fall winds. But once the Spirit Squad took the field, I was shocked. While standing in between my parents, in a section of alumni of all generations, my stomach dropped. I tried to talk over these blatantly sexual references, to distract my parentsâÄô focus on the striptease in front of them, but it was far too late. I find this outrageous. I am disappointed in the coaching staff of the Spirit Squad for their poor choices. This has been the first time I have been ashamed to be affiliated with the University. Dance is beautiful and there are plenty of up-tempo and beat-laden songs. Choosing such disrespectful songs and gyrations for the men and women on the squad is unnecessary and distasteful. I expect more from such an institution and I hope to see better decision making next season. This homecoming incident initially sparked discontent with my University peers. Yet walking through Coffman Union the other day, I felt a similar pang while passing the University Bookstore and reading âÄúMinnesota: A great place to attend school in between games.âÄù Is there a resonating attitude for poor decision making? The opportunity to attend such a renowned university is being taken as a joke. I donâÄôt find it funny. If you choose to reduce yourself to a hungover sports fan, I would recommend taking yourself to a Minnesota Wild game âÄî great fun, slightly less costly. Let someone more prepared, more dedicated and more diligent have your spot âÄî I have no advice for administrators, other than I would have expected a higher level of academic integrity maintained during my four-year experience. Meghan Paul University undergraduate student