Lana does disco

Grant Tillery

Forget everything you know about Lana Del Rey — her vocals that get knocked as weak and forced and her allegedly fake persona.  Del Rey’s new single, “Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight,” which leaked today, capitalizes on the disco influences infiltrating today’s biggest pop hits and takes a sharp left turn from her usual solemn, hazy melodies.  Del Rey’s cooing vocal whispers on “Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight” are reminiscent of Donna Summer, and are perfectly paired with the dark violins that embellish the lush orchestrations disco was known for.  While Del Rey’s usual lyrical clichés are still present (she always waxes on who she can be for a guy, in this case, his “little dairy queen”), they’re bolstered by the pulsating beat that takes the listener back to Studio 54, if bands like Maroon 5 and N’Sync were the headlining acts; the hook subtly nods to “This Love” and “Bye Bye Bye.”  Though drawing inspiration from the cheesy is often a recipe for disaster, Del Rey and her producers execute it flawlessly, and without coming off as wannabes or copycats.  Hopefully this marks a change in direction in Del Rey’s music, since channeling disco queens suits her range and personality a lot better than half-heartedly churning out minimalist lovelorn anthems (the phenomenal “National Anthem” and “Video Games” aside).