Blowing Stuff Up In Style

by Spencer Doar


A well-written, well-shot, action television show is hard to find.  Cinemax’s “Strike Back” is one of those rare shows.  Some of my friends would argue that “24” was close to being a show of that caliber, but the limitations of airing on FOX restricted the possibilities of depicting the tension and emotion of individuals in life-threatening, security-related situations. 

“Strike Back” started as a British show that ran on Sky1 following the fictionalized exploits of Section 20, a division on MI6.  The show was then picked up by Cinemax and loosely continued the plot line of the first British season. 

Now halfway through its second season on Cinemax, “Strike Back” continues to wow with exotic locales and gritty realism.  Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester star as elite soldiers battling terrorism and international conspiracies of all varieties. 

The show is based off of a book by Chris Ryan.  Chris Ryan, a former member of the Special Air Service, made history when, during the first Gulf War, he set a record for longest time spent evading an enemy force after the rest of his unit was killed idn action.  That fact alone ought to convince reluctant viewers as to the quality and realism of the show.