Strain-Buchel for MSA

Paul Strain and Paul Buchel’s priority is to give students a voice at the top.

The incumbent ticket has a strong momentum of governance and a concrete platform for students. In the race for the Minnesota Student Association presidency, the Paul Strain-Paul Buchel ticket has unmatched experience advocating for student interests. Strain has served as MSA president for one year, while Buchel served as a legislative advocate in MSAâÄôs Legislative Certificate Program, which sends student lobbyists to St. Paul in order to ensure the presence of a student voice in the Capitol. Strain and Buchel have a detailed and seasoned platform. Strain and Buchel have their priorities correct; shared governance for students is at the top. Almost nothing else matters until MSA has some binding stake in decisions that affect students, as the University of WisconsinâÄôs student association does. Unless MSA achieves shared governance, administrators can stiff-arm student concerns and proceed as they see fit. Strain and Buchel also support capping tuition hikes, which would pressure the state Legislature to increase funding to the University. A tuition cap could also force administration to formulate more responsible, sustainable budgets. Strain and Buchel state that students should not be the only group shouldering the burden of budget cuts. Fairness means administrators are subject to proportionally similar financial adjustment. For more information on the candidates, video interviews are available online in The Minnesota DailyâÄôs multimedia section. CandidatesâÄô full answers to our questionnaire can be found at the editorial board blog, Unfit for Print. Voting starts Monday and takes place online at the All Campus Elections Commission Web site Voting concludes Wednesday.