Light-rail arrogance

by Adam Hennings

The recent breakdown of negotiations between the University of Minnesota administration and the Metropolitan Council is a blight on the UniversityâÄôs reputation as a partner to the state. This administration has resorted to strongman negotiation tactics to remind everyone how powerful President Bob Bruininks thinks he is. BruininksâÄô and Vice President Kathleen OâÄôBrienâÄôs behavior has been nothing short of embarrassing for the University community. Bruininks and OâÄôBrien, please, on behalf of the thousands of daily commuters to campus, return to negotiations in full faith. Please recognize the value of a light-rail line through campus that will connect the University to other exciting transit developments and further reduce the gates separating the University from the rest of the community in which it resides. Adam Hennings, University staff