Nice Ride Minnesota ramps up plans for 2014

by Hailey Colwell

Even as Nice Ride closes on a record season, the company plans for 2014, news sources reported.


“We’re looking forward to 2014," Nice Ride spokesman Anthony Ongaro said, adding that the bike-sharing program has ambitious plans for its next season, the Star Tribune reported. 


The program looks to add more bike racks in St. Paul and Minneapolis, because even though it already offers 170 places to check out bikes, its network could use more, Ongaro said, the Star Tribune reported. 


Nice Ride provided for more than 300,000 rides during its 2013 season, a 9 percent increase from the year before, MPR reported, and added 24 new stations. 


Opening more stations at strategic places will allow riders to reach their destination within their 30-minute trip limit and encourage people to use Nice Ride to travel downtown, he said, the Star Tribune reported.


“We’ll be filling inward instead of outward," he said, the Star Tribune reported. 


The service will also increase bike access in Greater Minnesota locations like Bemidji, the Star Tribune reported.


"There are certain qualities that we're looking for in terms of how bikeable a city already is, and the kind of work that they've done to create an atmosphere of a 'bike place,'" Ongaro said, MPR reported.  "What we're looking to do is really look for cities that have already made that commitment, and then allow us to really help expand that and continue it from there," he said, MPR reported.