University police crack down on illegal ticket scalping

by Koran Addo

University police increased their focus on illegal ticket scalping recently, making at least five arrests outside University sporting events in the past two weeks.

Police stepped up their efforts to stop ticket scalping at the request of event planners, University police Capt. Steve Johnson said.

Ticket scalpers have caused problems for years at the University, including obstructing traffic and harassing people as they go into different events, University officials said.

Despite the University Police Department’s efforts to rotate different plain-clothes officers, Johnson said, catching ticket scalpers has proven to be a tricky endeavor.

“(Ticket scalpers) are very professional,” he said. “They knew the officers well enough to identify (officers) by their name and badge numbers.”

Johnson said University police will continue to track down ticket scalpers as long as they remain a problem on campus.

ï At the University Police Department’s request, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety responded to two calls this week after a chemical spill in Smith Hall was reported and a security monitor found a suspicious bottle of liquid in Moos Tower.

Craig Moody, Environmental Health and Safety Department director, said police often call the department to assist them when there is suspicion that a danger to the public might be present.

Both departments determined the public was in no immediate danger as a result of either incident.

ï The University Police Department is interviewing the owner of a car whose occupants fled from police after an officer attempted to stop the vehicle for reckless driving. The case is still active and police have made no arrests.

ï University police arrested six people after responding to several calls concerning the odor of marijuana in different Dinkytown apartment complexes this week.