Sping Jam update: artist comments

by Nickalas Tabbert

Four different groups performed Saturday night at Spring Jam.  Despite a cold and rainy evening at Riverbend Plaza, the crowd turnout was noticed by the artists.

New Boyz artists Earl “Ben J” Benjamin and Dominic “Legacy” Thomas said they were impressed with the crowd.

“Even in the back they were into it,” Thomas said.  “At most schools you go to you don’t see that.”

Benjamin jumped into the crowd for the first time ever during the performance.

“You know it was poppy when you jump in a crowd,” Benjamin said.

The duo made the point that performing at colleges like the University gives them a taste of what college life is like.

“We don’t go to school,” Benjamin said.  “This gives us a taste of  the college lifestyle.”

The Cataracs performed for the first time ever in Minnesota Saturday.

Both David Benjamin Singer-Vine and Niles Hollowell-Dhar said they liked how “the energy grew by the end” of the performance.

The duo played some new music, including “Cantaloupe,” a single that hasn’t been released yet.

Sometimes there is a last-minute decision to play new material, Hollowell-Dhar said.

“It’s a great way to test the records,” Singer-Vine said.

The Cataracs have played about 30 shows on campuses and they “feel at home compared to stadiums,” Hollowell-Dhar said.

“College shows are our bread and butter.  Our success has been influenced by college because this is where the people are,” he said.  “These are the best crowds.  It’s perfect.”

Kids on Clouds members sophomores Cam Smith and Livan Kotile said it was an honor to perform on stage.

The battle of the bands winners said they most enjoyed the ending of their performance, when they invited a group of nearly a dozen friends on stage and built the energy of the crowd.

“To see the crowd and build up the energy.  That was great,” Smith said.

They were joined by Tyshaun Williams, a freshman, on stage.  The group won the judge’s vote on Friday night to perform Saturday night.

“We put a lot of energy into our competition Friday,” Kotile said.  “It was great to win over some fans of the other groups.”

Kotile and Smith said they want to play at the Univesity again as they move more towards the college scene.

Prof said he goes a “little crazier” for crowds 21 years or more like dumping alchol on the audience, but also commented on the size and reaction of the crowd. 

The Minneapolis native who led off Saturday night said the best part about coming to the University is the people.

“I tour nationwide but this is my home base.  This is home for me,” he said.