Bold trends bloom on campus

This season’s trends test the fearlessness of U fashionistas.

Erin Lengas

Spring has finally come, and it arrived none too soon for those experiencing the winter blues or the more serious seasonal affective disorder. Either way, spring introduces fresh new fashion that is sure to brighten the mood of even the saddest of SAD sufferers.
This is the most vibrant season for fashion magazines. I am an avid subscriber. Taking the runway looks featured in the magazines and incorporating them into an everyday wardrobe is a difficult task. IâÄôve picked apart the glossies and chosen the most wearable trends for campus fashionistas.
This seasonâÄôs central theme is color. Vibrant, punchy, neon hues are born again. This trend could not have come soon enough. I have been fed up with the boring, black jackets that students choose to bundle up in. New York designers named coral as one of the yearâÄôs key colors. A great way to spice up an outfit is to don a bright trench coat. If you arenâÄôt so brave, try colors in small doses âÄî like on your nails.
Wearing floral prints for spring is a no-brainer. Mixing and matching floral patterns looks sweet this season. Just be sure to keep the patterns in the same color scheme or your outfit will look more crazy than cute.
The weather kept me holed up inside this winter, and I donâÄôt think IâÄôm the only one. It will be great to hit the town jacket-less. IâÄôll be wearing springâÄôs sexiest trend âÄî sheer. Layering a solid tank underneath a sheer blouse looks great for weekends. DonâÄôt forget to layer, though, or youâÄôll attract the wrong kind of attention.
When it comes to shoes, the fashion world has gone practical. Flats are back, and my feet couldnâÄôt be happier! On campus, opt for rain boots or the melting snow might prove too hard to handle.
These are only some of the styles available for spring. Take advantage of the warming weather and experiment with all of the trends that spring has to offer.