Yudof’s surgery a ‘best-case scenario’

University President Mark Yudof’s surgery Monday to remove an intestinal blockage was brief and successful, said Frank Cerra, University senior vice president for the Academic Health Center.
Yudof underwent the surgery because of complications from the blockage, specifically stomach-intestinal cramping that had required hospitalization at least three times during the past 12 months.
“It was the best-case scenario,” Cerra said of the procedure. The surgeon was able to remove the adhesions obstructing Yudof’s small bowel with a laparoscope, a lighted tube inserted through the abdominal wall.
Cerra said Yudof was asleep for three hours during the surgery, woke normally afterward and is expected to be released from Fairview-University Medical Center today.
Yudof is scheduled to return to work early next week.

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