U seeks $107 million for capital projects

University of Minnesota officials reviewed a capital budget request Friday that is nearly identical to one vetoed by the Legislature last spring.

by Conor Shine

The University of Minnesota will seek $107 million in state funding this spring to fund several building projects on multiple campuses.

The capital budget request presented Friday to the Board of Regents is almost identical to the request that was vetoed by the Legislature last session.

It includes requests for funding of the $74 million Physics and Nanotechnology building on the Twin Cities campus, $10 million for the American Indian Learning Research Center in Duluth and $5.5 million for repairs to the Itasca Research Station in northern Minnesota.

The only new addition is a request for $12.5 million in funding to mitigate the effects of the light-rail on University research laboratories. 

The University will be responsible for one-third of the cost of any project funded by the Legislature. If all projects were approved, the University would be on the hook for $42 million.

The board will take action on the request in February, shortly before the governor releases his budget proposal.