Rybak speaks at Coffman Union

The Minneapolis mayor came to encourage youth to vote.

by Raghav Mehta

Partnering with Get Up MN, Mayor RT Rybak made an appearance in front of Coffman Union Thursday imploring students to vote in the Nov. 2 election.

Standing alongside Get Up Minnesota volunteers, Rybak kicked off with a short speech about the significance of voting. Citing the Obama administrationâÄôs overhaul of student loan programs and the health care reform bill, Rybak explained that the more young people get involved in the voting process, the more likely politicians will address issues that affect them.

He spent the rest of his time on campus shaking hands with students and finding what issues resonate with them the most.

âÄúItâÄôs certainly easier to pay less attention when there is not a presidential race,âÄù Rybak said, recognizing youthâÄôs historic turnout during the 2008 election.

âÄúTuition rates are rising and the only way we can turn that around is to change the political direction of the state,âÄù Rybak said.

GetUp MN State director Peter Starzynski said the mayor was someone who cared deeply about young people and hopes RybakâÄôs presence at the University will prompt more young people to get involved.