Response to ‘Arizona criminalizes the illegal’

Madeline Hayes

I wanted to commend you on your excellent analysis of ArizonaâÄôs new immigration law. I especially enjoyed your well-thought-out analogy of this law being related to the legal drinking age. Seeing as how I am a minor, I choose not to live in a liquor store, so Mexicans should choose not to live in Arizona. If I donâÄôt live in a liquor store, I wonâÄôt constantly get asked for my ID; and if Mexicans donâÄôt live in Arizona, they wonâÄôt get asked either. I also completely agreed with the fact that when rich white people are arrested, they too must show proof that they are a citizen. I too think of criminals as being of the same category as law-abiding Mexicans. In honor of this law, I propose a bill for the northern states: Any white person eating maple syrup, singing Ann Murray should also be asked for their ID. This is in no way racial profiling, because experts know what a âÄútypical illegal Canadian immigrantâÄù looks like. Once again, I wanted to give you a pat on the back for making an intellectual analysis of this law and calming my fears that racial profiling will be present in Arizona. The last thing I would want is for U.S. citizens to feel unwelcome in their country. Madeline Hayes University graduate student