SSFC should fund CFACT

The conservative student group hosts a variety of positive programs.

Wes Halseth

I am writing to respond to the March 8 letter that suggested Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow should not be funded by Student Services Fees Committee. I am an officer in CFACT and one of the preparers and presenters of our fees request. I understand if the author doesnâÄôt agree with CFACTâÄôs conservative message on consumer issues and the environment. As a first-year student, I was put off by the liberal slant of most of the SSFC-funded groups on campus, and I was excited to find a group like CFACT that shared my values. I want to respond to the charge that Conservative Awareness Week is somehow a mockery of the GLBT community. I wasnâÄôt around when Conservative Awareness Week was started, but older members explained that the event drew heavily from the general structure of âÄúComing Out Week,âÄù which was viewed as a successful format for bringing exposure to minority viewpoints on campus, and at no time was Conservative Awareness Week a mockery of the GLBT community or their issues. For example, the participants in this yearâÄôs Conservative Awareness Week hosted a balloon arch kickoff, presented a speaker on the Constitution, hosted a presentation by Women in Nuclear Power, organized a clothing drive, held a speech by the Minnesota House Minority Leader, promoted a speech on the 150th birthday of oil and wrapped up with a trip to the gun range. Early the next week, Students for Human Life hosted the Vitae Monologues, which were also promoted during Conservative Awareness Week. While the events were varied and represented a number of different conservative organizations and viewpoints, none of them made a mockery or really even addressed GLBT issues. I hope you will join CFACT when we co-host the Minnesota Student Association candidate forum March 30, attend our April 21 presentation by the founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, and participate in our yearly Mississippi River Clean-Up on May 1. Wes Halseth, CFACT director of programming