Weekend Round-up: New way to approach assault, Senate race update

by Mike Rose

Hey gang, hope you had a good week and are looking forward to another one. Though you may want some mittens in the next seven days. Here’s a brief round-up of weekend news:

*Some colleges and universities, including the University of Minnesota, are starting programs to address sexual assault on campus from the male side, the Star Tribune reports. The idea is to sensitize college men to the idea of rape and assault and get them to act more responsibly around women. especially in situations where alcohol is involved. A 2007 study showed that first-year fraternity men who saw a specific rape prevention program were nearly half as likely to commit a sexually coercive act as those who didn’t, a good sign for male-oriented sexual assault programs. 

*The University’s Blood and Marrow Transplant program is celebrating its 40th anniversary this weekend. Some of the first ever recipients of transplants were on hand to celebrate, the Star Tribune reports. Read Monday’s Daily for a full look at the event.

*Lastly, the Pioneer Press is reporting that Norm Coleman asked a Ramsey County judge to stop a count of 32 Minneapolis absentee ballots. The request was denied and the Franken camp called it a "Saturday sneak attack." Expect the recount, which should last about six weeks, to be quite contentious. Check the Filed Under Politics blog for more updates on the Senate race.

Until later…

Mike Rose City editor