Support proposed raw milk amendments HB 4307 and HB 4038

Do people not have the right to buy and sell goods? Toxic, chemical-ridden, unhealthy “food items” are predominantly sold in stores and cause sickness in our country. Raw milk — from healthy grass fed cows — is nutritious and rarely causes any adverse effects. Not to mention that our ancestors drank raw milk for a long time before industrialization came.

Conventional dairy should be penalized, and farmers that raise happy and healthy cows should be given money for doing it the right way. People have the freedom to drink alcohol and eat highly processed and toxic food, but we cannot have raw cow’s milk. Something is seriously wrong. Please, wake up and realize that this isn’t about whether you like the idea of raw milk. This situation is just like how I don’t have the right to take someone’s alcohol away, despite the potential harmful effects of it.

Please, stop the unnecessary regulations on raw milk producers and consumers, among many other unnecessary food regulations.