Minnesota/Penn State in-game blog, third set to finish.

Mark Heise

*NOTE: This blog will work in the same way as the previous one tonight. We will continually update it, so check back frequently! Mark Heise (7:08:05 PM): Cowles remains in the front row to start the third set, and hits into the continual double-block the Nittany Lions have set up, Penn State leads 7-4. How quick have the middles been for Penn State? They seem like they’re in on every play. Mark Heise (7:08:12 PM): Roehrig returns to the lineup, 4-8. Krista Chin (7:09:15 PM): The middles have been lightening quick both offensively and defensively for Penn State. It seems as though the Minnesota blockers are almost a step behind them. Krista Chin (7:10:26 PM): Penn State runs a very fast offense, and their slide attack is one of the fastest the Gophers have seen so far this season. Mark Heise (7:11:09 PM): It’s been giving Minnesota trouble all night long, and has led to a 13-7 Penn State lead here. Mark Heise (7:12:08 PM): Granquist enters to serve for Luiz, score 8-14 Krista Chin (7:12:58 PM): Penn State continues to serve those tough jumpers which seem to be giving Minnesota some difficulty. The Gophers also serving tough, but Penn State passing extremely well. Mark Heise (7:13:47 PM): TV timeout, 8-15 Penn State. Dieter has added to her kill total in this third set, and is one of the only offensive tools the Gophers have had in this set so far. That will need to change if Minnesota is going to come back. Krista Chin (7:14:46 PM): Penn State’s middle blockers continue to play well as they are always making themselves available for Glass to set. Harmotto hitting .600 and Wilson hitting .636. Mark Heise (7:15:18 PM): Minnesota’s middles are hitting -.059 and -.200 Krista Chin (7:15:27 PM): Minnesota still has yet to see Gibbemeyer as an offensive factor Mark Heise (7:16:05 PM): 10-19, Penn State has been quick to take control of this set. Krista Chin (7:17:01 PM): Roehrig is still in the front row for the Gophers. We have yet to see her put a ball away Krista Chin (7:17:06 PM): Cowles back in for Roehrig. Krista Chin (7:17:46 PM): Dieter is playing well out of the back row, putting the ball away for her 12th kill of the match. Mark Heise (7:18:22 PM): 23-12 Penn State as Dieter lands another back-row kill. Krista Chin (7:18:56 PM): Another kill from Penn State’s Wilson off the slide. They continue to go over the top of Cowles Mark Heise (7:19:03 PM): And an ace fittingly ends the match, 25-12. Mark Heise (7:19:23 PM): Krista, is this Penn State squad the best team you’ve seen play? Krista Chin (7:21:16 PM): Penn State is by far the best team in the country. They have so many weapons that I don’t think Nebraska or Texas can hold them. They put on quite a show for this Gopher crowd. That is the best I have seen Wilson play. With Fawcett not being as much of a factor this match, she really stepped up her game. OFFICIAL ATTENDANCE: 10,126 Final stats: Minnesota loses, 18-25, 15-25, 12-25 Dieter 13 kills, 6 digs Cowles 4 kills, 4 digs Minnesota .033 hit percentage, 2 team blocks PENN STATE: Megan Hodge 15 kills, .371 hit percentage Arielle Wilson 10 kills, .692 hit percentage Nittany Lions: .447 hit percentage, 14 team blocks.