Proper police force

To begin with and to be certain there is major distinction between the Minneapolis Police Department and University of Minnesota Police Department that Scott Sundvall has blatantly ignored in his Monday letter to the editor. These are two different departments with entirely different jurisdictions that, though on occasion work very closely, must be recognized as separate. This is only a slight oversight though in comparison to the rest of the letter. My main concern when reading the letter stemmed from a fallacy that Sundvall proposes through thoughtless ranting. This fallacy is that the police force, in general, in our nation runs on any system other than a reactive and responsive one. Our nationâÄôs law enforcement and criminal justice system clearly uses a âÄúcrime controlâÄù method using response techniques. This is evident simply with the nature of 911. Calling 911 generally indicates an emergency in which the caller wishes police response. It is generally uncommon for officers to simply stumble upon crimes in progress. The majority of incidents that police participate in have had the officer called to the scene through a dispatcher. Law enforcement across the nation have used and will use other means to stop, reduce, deter and react to crime but as it stands now, the majority of policing is done through reactive and responsive actions. It is highly unlikely that a group of officers decided to storm Coffman simply on a whim or a plan set in place by their superiors. The fact is that these police officers were most likely called there by Facilities Management or one of SundvallâÄôs fellow students complaining about vagrants in the area, some who may have been known to cause disturbances or were currently doing just that. It is quite a jump to condemn a police department or propose cutting its funding on the grounds that it is accomplishing its purpose set by the general public. These officers are doing their jobs and responding to people like Sundvall and should be praised for their service to the community and the risk they go through every day. I am only ashamed at the lack of respect shown by individuals like Sundvall for these peace makers. Matthew Shoff University student