3 cited for using others’ handicap parking permits

Two of the permits used were from dead people.

Nickalas Tabbert

Three people were cited for illegal use of handicap parking permits near the University of Minnesota Medical Center’s Riverside Campus on Wednesday, according to police.

All three citations occurred within a three-hour period, according to reports.

Illegally using handicap parking permits, and even dead individuals’ permits, is common, University police Lt. Troy Buhta said.

Because parking is in such high demand around the University for employees, students and professors, police check permits regularly. Permits are obtained from family members, and through thefts and photocopies, Buhta said.

Illegally using a parking permit is a misdemeanor and appears on a driving record, just like a parking ticket, Buhta said, with a fine of up to $500.

The first case involved an employee of the University using her deceased husband’s handicap permit to park her vehicle for free at an expired parking meter. The employee said she was running late for a meeting and was parked for only a short period of time, according to the report. She was cited for illegal use of a disability parking permit and the permit was confiscated.

The second citation was reported 30 minutes later after another employee was found using his mother’s disability permit to park for free while at work. According to the police report, the man said his mother was at the hospital for an appointment. He later admitted that wasn’t true and he was also cited for illegal use of a disability permit.

The third citation was reported when a man was found using a dead man’s permit to park in a handicap space. The man first told police the permit belonged to a friend, but later said he was aware the permit owner was dead, according to the report.