Presidential candidate seeks Reform Party endorsement

Presidential candidate Richard Lamm, above, addressed Reform Party supporters Thursday at the Bloomington Radisson. Both Lamm and his major opponent, Ross Perot, are seeking endorsement from the party. Major issues for Reform Party members include modifying the political process and cutting government spending.
“In this country,” Lamm said, “we understand the kind of sacrifice we have to make to look our children in the eye and say we haven’t broken their trust.”
Party members describe themselves as fiscally conservative, socially inclusive and reform-minded. They say the bipolar nature of the Democratic and Republican parties stifles debate and encourages extremism.
Dean Barkley, the Reform candidate for U.S. Senate, also spoke at the rally. He said middle class voters are not being represented by the parties. “The electorate has finally realized that a wasted vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in.”
To address the Reform Party convention in August, Lamm must receive support from 10 percent of the party members. If he receives the nomination, he will be eligible for $30 million in federal funds based on Ross Perot’s showing in the 1992 election.
Many Reform Party supporters reside in California, where the convention will be held. In town to visit her son, Nancy Olsen, right, of Pasadena, Calif., applauds as Lamm steps up to speak. “I heard that he has some really good ideas.”
— Michelle Kibiger