Jimmy John’s union election results nullified

Jennifer Bissell

The results of the Oct. 22 Jimmy John’s union election were nullified Monday by the National Labor Relations Board, according to an IWW Jimmy John’s Workers Union press release.

The NLRB’s action was in response to a 12-page objection letter union members submitted, detailing “unfair” and “anti-union” campaign tactics the franchise owners allegedly used to win votes.

In the election, the Jimmy John’s Workers Union lost by only two votes, ending in an 85-87 tally.

The union will be able to file for another union election in 60 days. In the meantime, the union plans to ask the franchise owners to negotiate over its 10-point list of demands.

“Mike and Rob Mulligan can either continue their losing battle against their employees, or they can work with us and distinguish themselves as leaders in bringing much-needed change to the nation’s fast food industry,” union member Ayo Collins said in a statement.

The union’s core demands include sick days, improved job security, guaranteed work hours, pay increases and regular raises.