Credit fines would penalize honors students

When I first read that the University of Minnesota might charge extra money for any credits taken over 130, I was appalled. I, like many students in the University Honors Program, came into the University with college credits. Because of this, many students will be in their fourth year of study while having more than 130 earned credits.
I took full advantage of the AP and PSEO programs in high school and I came into the University with 67 credits. I am majoring in chemical engineering and because of the way the curriculum is set up, it will take me three years to graduate with a full load of classes each semester. When I graduate, I will have 169 credits, which means I would be fined.
The University administration needs to go back to the drawing board because the possibility of fining students for having more than 130 credits harms the Honors students they work so hard to recruit.