“Poison Season” by Destroyer

by Zach Simon

After the critical success of “Kaputt,” Destroyer (aka Dan Bejar) sticks with the showy lounge-singer aesthetic and ditches the previous inaccessible moaning that was a hallmark of “We’ll Build Them a Golden Bridge.” 
With “Poison Season,” he attaches full-string backing bands and loses his own instrumentation to better focus on his status as a singer and songwriter. 
The Vancouver native has a long career in writing as a solo artist, yet every new record releases a pent-up freshness. “Poison Season” is no different.
“Poison Season” feels cinematic, a shivery longing akin to S. Carey accompanying the notoriously wordy vocals of Bejar. 
He channels longtime influence David Bowie and unveils a dramatic panache that seems right at home in his repertoire of offbeat melodies.
“Dream Lover” finds its strength in the raucous pop spirit Bejar has practiced in his side work with The New Pornographers. “Dream Lover” is about hope and joy. 
It’s a departure from the messy production of past albums, yet the song doesn’t feel like a compromise with the casual listener and hints at a change of intention from the artist.
On “Times Square,” Bejar breaks out a charming acoustic guitar rather than his classic piano. 
The track has an equally charming music video that brings “Little Big Planet” to mind. It is the centerpiece of the album, combining elements of the bookend tracks of similar
name with a jangly rock twist.
“Poison Season” is yet another intricately original expansion of his already veteran discography — this time light, airy and a perfect offset for the coming winter gloom.
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