Troops end one-day revolt in western Georgia

KUTAISI, Georgia (AP) — Mutinous soldiers surrendered Monday, ending a one-day revolt in which they clashed with government troops, blocked roads with tanks and advanced on Georgia’s second-largest city. At least one soldier and four rebels were killed.
The mutineers released hostages, including two government negotiators, and agreed to return to their garrison in this mountainous former Soviet republic. They also apparently gave up control of a village they had seized, according to Teimuraz Shashiashvili, governor of the region.
The leaders of the mutiny were charged with treason.
The revolt began when more than 200 soldiers fiercely opposed to President Eduard Shevardnadze took over their garrison in the western town of Senaki on Monday. They moved toward the heart of Georgia, sealing off roads with stolen tanks and trucks. Government troops poured into the area to defend it.
Troops were sent to intercept the rogue soldiers on the road to Georgia’s second-most populous city, Kutaisi, but were forced to retreat. Rebels seized Gubi, a village 6 miles from Kutaisi, police said, and about 50 villagers joined them.
During the day, security was tightened around key buildings in Tbilisi, the capital, including the government headquarters, parliament and broadcasting center, Russia’s Interfax news agency said.
The leader of the mutiny, Akakiy Eliava, and several of his men were charged with treason, the prosecutor general’s office said. It was not immediately clear what sentence they face if convicted.