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For better or worse, the Twin Cities is full of sketch comedy. But none are quite like the Ministry of Cultural Warfareñwho often forgo performing sketches in favor of full theatrical productions.

Take WASP and Unveiling as an example. There’s not a comic sketch to be found all evening. Instead, the MoCW present us with two one-acts, the first by beloved funnyman Steve Martin, the second by none other than Vaclav Havel.


Who? I hear you askñwell, those of you who aren’t experts in dissident theater and European politics. If it helps any, he’s the president of the Czech Republic.

Not what you would expect from a comedy troupe, is it? Less surprising is the Steve Martin pieceñuntil you read it, that is. WASP is a distinctly unreal piece of satire, owing more to absurdists like Beckett and Ionesco than the early years of Saturday Night Live. Which will come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Martin’s intellectual pretentions, which has included collecting modern art and penning pointed short stories for the New Yorker.

All of this suggests that there won’t be many pies flying around the stage of the Bryant-Lake Bowl. Well, ideas are more dangerous anyway.


Wasp and Unveiling plays through November 24 at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, (612) 825-8949.