Zomm is the “invisible” leash for your phone


Only slightly bigger than a half-dollar, the Zomm fits conveniently on my keychain, which makes me wish my cell phone could do the same. 

The Zomm, an “invisible” leash for your phone, will drop you $90 – maybe even the same amount of money you would spend to have your cell phone replaced.

Using wireless Bluetooth technology to synch with your phone, the Zomm beeps and vibrates if the user’s phone is a certain programmable distance away.

The Zomm is interesting, but at the same time, looks and feels like a cheap Japanese gizmo. I had fully immersed myself in this idea before I received a call on my phone, and to my surprise, the Zomm started vibrating.

A little alarmed, I reached for the Zomm first (my phone was in the other pocket) to see it flashing rapidly. Having no idea how to turn it off, I hit the button with a big “Z” – the only button on the device.

The ringtone on my phone went silent and then I heard the person on the other line through the built-in speaker on the Zomm.

Voila! The speaker and a microphone embedded in the device makes the Zomm work well as a hands-free speakerphone, although no volume controls make it a rude disturbance if your answering your phone on the bus.

Someone I had let try the Zomm said it looked like her rape whistle, but the Zomm is a step better. If you hold the big button in the middle for no more than 5 seconds, a panic alarm goes off. Hold it for 5 more seconds, and 9-1-1 (or whatever number you programmed the Zomm to call in an emergency) will be dialed. The Zomm also has GPS functions that can pinpoint your location.  

Installation isn’t too hard – all you have to do is download a program from their website, connect the Zomm via USB and set the preferences for your Zomm.

The Zomm can be left uncharged for 3 days while in use, but no more than 2 hours of talk-time. The package comes with a USB charger as well as a wall charger.

I quickly grew old of the device – it periodically disconnected from my phone only to reconnect itself a few seconds later, but it didn’t spare me and my roommates the maddening beeping sound.

It’s perfect if you’re the weekend warrior type, but I don’t recommend having it on you during your 300+ student physics lecture as the alarm may unexpectedly go off and cause everyone, including your professor, to stare at you. 

Obviously, if the phone’s dead, the Zomm is only a cool keychain, but I don’t know anybody who would pay that much for a keychain. Instead, invest the $90 in a fairly reliable Smartphone that you could afford to lose once (or twice).