Anti-ACTA protests sweep globe

Jeff Hargarten

Today was the scheduled date for worldwide protests against the Anti-Countfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), which attracted what some are reporting as hundreds-of-thousands of protesters in more 200 countries.

Protests against ACTA started in Poland recently and have now spread across Europe, the United Kingdom and United States due to fears among activists that the antipiracy treaty would censor the internet.

ACTA was signed by 22 European Union countries, but hasn't been ratified by European Parliament yet. On Friday, Germany announced it would delay ratification, following Poland, Slovokia and the Czech Republic, which delayed ratifying the treaty in the midst of public demonstrations.

The U.S. signed ACTA in 2011.

The controversial treaty aims to crackdown on the theft and counterfeiting of intellectual property across international borders and online. Opponents have claimed it would infringe upon free speech by blacklisting websites.