Dr. Date 4/7/2015

Dr. Date, This girl friend of mine recently broke up with her long-term boyfriend, and she has been sending me flirty messages on Facebook and touching me more when we hang out. Yes, I must admit, thereâÄôs always been some sort of sexual tension between us, but weâÄôve never acted on it because she had a boyfriend. But now sheâÄôs single, and sheâÄôs making it pretty apparent that sheâÄôs into me. I worry that sheâÄôs on the rebound and IâÄôm just someone to temporarily distract her from the breakup. I have a crush on her, and I really want to act on my feelings. But if itâÄôs only going to lead to her going back to her long-time bf or pushing me aside for the next eligible guy, I donâÄôt want to put myself in that position. But is the risk worth the reward? And on top of that, how do I respond? If I decide I do want us to take things to the next level, how do I go about it? âÄîPlaying the Rebound Jump on It, If youâÄôve had a crush on this girl for a while, donâÄôt let the opportunity pass you up. SheâÄôs showing interest, and youâÄôll never know what her intentions are until you act on them and talk to her about what sheâÄôs feeling. YouâÄôre right to proceed with caution, but donâÄôt hold back from pursuing her. If you find out that sheâÄôs still talking with her ex-boyfriend, then itâÄôs probably best for you to move on. But understand one of the best ways for a person to move on from a former beau is to find a new love interest or distraction. And yes, that might be whatâÄôs happening here, and there is some risk involved with getting together with her, but hey, it could also be a really great opportunity for you two to take your relationship to the next level. The doors are wide open. âÄîDr. Date Dr. Date, IâÄôm a gay guy, and IâÄôve been having casual sex with my friend for a few months. WeâÄôve both decided that itâÄôs strictly a âÄúfriends with benefitsâÄù scenario, but IâÄôm starting to think heâÄôs developing feelings for me. HeâÄôs been texting me more and more and asking personal questions about my life. HeâÄôs making a clear effort to get to know me, when before, weâÄôd hit it and quit it. ItâÄôs weirding me out. IâÄôve never been the type of person to have a boyfriend or a stable relationship, and I donâÄôt know what to make of it. ItâÄôs not that I donâÄôt like this guy. HeâÄôs great in a lot of ways, I just donâÄôt like the idea of turning in my âÄúsingleâÄù card for a relationship. I have a pretty good time just âÄúdoing me.âÄù You feel me? âÄîAnonymous When Casual Turns Serious, Turning in the cards and committing to a relationship can be a hard step, especially if youâÄôre enjoying your life as a swinging single. But before you reject any possibility of getting together with this guy, know that itâÄôs possible to keep your independence while youâÄôre in a relationship. Sure, some people arenâÄôt able to find a healthy balance between their own life and their partnerâÄôs life, but if youâÄôre committed to making it happen, you can. Communicate to him that youâÄôre picking up on signals that heâÄôs ready for something more. Let him how you feel and why youâÄôre hesitant âÄî make sure he knows itâÄôs not about him but rather itâÄôs about where you are in your own life. âÄîDr. Date