Why endorse Khan?

It was no surprise to see that The Minnesota Daily chose to endorse Phyllis Kahn as the right candidate to represent District 59B. DonâÄôt get me wrong, IâÄôm a fan of the DFL, but the fact that the Daily would endorse such a radical, thoughtless candidate as Kahn is revolting. I found this line especially humorous: âÄúShe boldly argued for lowering the voting age to 12.âÄù The fact that anyone would choose that piece of legislation as motivation to support a candidate is silly at best and detestable at worst. Let us not forget that she also âÄúboldly arguedâÄù to put a halfway house for sex offenders behind three sororities in Dinkytown, and is boldly fighting to make the district into some euphoric dream that it will never become. There are things more important than following party lines âÄî the Democrat is not always the right choice. And, to be fair, the Republican isnâÄôt the right choice either, but Kahn has had her 36 years in office. Give some thought to Ole Hovde or Ron Lischeid âÄî someone other than a lifelong politician. David Kleiber University student