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Hey Andy, Barack Obama is a sitting senator for two more months. The folks of Illinois elected him for just that reason. He has every right to use face time with the sitting president to push whatever policy he chooses, as a sitting senator. Keith Tucker University student On Wednesday, an article written after ObamaâÄôs tour of the White House and titled âÄúMeasuring the DrapesâÄù was about how the president-elect has supposedly already begun to undermine President George W. Bush and had even begun governing. I am lost. How has he done this? I understand that the columnist is upset with the election outcome, being that he is obviously very right-minded (evident by his heavy praises of Bush and jab at Al Franken), but this does not warrant an attack on Obama. Obama did not âÄúdemand keys to the front door,âÄù and I highly doubt he measured any drapes. Do not forget that Bush invited and welcomed the Obama family into the White House. Bush stated in a radio address that âÄúensuring that this transition is seamless is a top priority for the rest of my time in office.âÄù Yes, Obama stayed two and a half hours longer than planned at the White House, and part of a confidential conversation was leaked, but saying that Obama leaked part of the conversation on purpose to undermine Bush is not a fair assumption in the least. And blaming the leak on Obama is not fair either. Yes, they were the only ones in the room together, but after the meeting I am sure that Obama filled his aides in on their discussion, who then could have leaked it. As a Republican, I do not believe that Obama has stepped beyond his legal bounds as president-elect. And IâÄôm sure that if John McCain were voted into office, he would be spending a lot more time in the White House âÄúmeasuring drapesâÄù than we have been seeing from Obama. Max Schadegg University student I found it appalling that The Minnesota Daily did not do any fact checking when it came to Andy PostâÄôs Nov. 12 column. I understand that Mr. Post is an opinion writer, but when he equates distorted falsehoods to facts, it reflects poorly upon himself and the Daily. To frame a column in such a way to make it appear Barack Obama is a power monger trying to take control has no real merit. The fact that Obama has negotiated with President George W. Bush on some economic policies should not be seen as a power play. Is it really a bad thing that the president and president-elect are working together to solve a national crisis? Common sense says no; Post said yes. Please show me where Bush has made extraordinary progress. Despite what Post wrote, Army officials are calling for a surge-like strategy in Afghanistan. The surge in Iraq was created to help contain the violence in Iraq. By using that same logic, a surge in Afghanistan would be used to accomplish the same thing. Post said, âÄúLetâÄôs calm down, take a deep breath, get off the hope and change freight train and think about solutions to our problems.âÄù IsnâÄôt this what the president and president-elect are doing? And didnâÄôt Post just criticize the president-elect at the beginning of the column for trying to think about solutions to our problems even though he just said he thinks this is what we should be doing? Surely he jests. Mike Sherman University student