Committee refers several students, faculty members to judicial review

by Liz Bogut

A four-member faculty committee referred at least four faculty members and 17 student-athletes to judicial review for their involvement in the men’s basketball scandal.
University Executive Vice President and Provost Bob Bruininks said Thursday the faculty committee sent out letters to eight different colleges, requesting they review each individual situation to determine if punitive measures should be imposed.
But Bruininks said he doubts the findings will result in major disciplinary actions.
He also said only a few of the student-athletes referred by the committee are still at the University. Two or three of the faculty members might also be gone.
The committee reviewed the external academic investigation report released in November for more than 60 hours in an effort to identify any possible academic misconduct of students, faculty and staff members, Bruininks said.
After each college completes its review, student findings will be sent to Student Judicial Affairs and faculty findings will be sent to the appropriate college deans.
Bruininks said the punitive measures could vary greatly. For students, it could be anywhere between a reprimand and the denial of a degree. For faculty, measures could vary from oversight of their work to dismissal.
Committee member Marcia Eaton, professor of philosophy, said for now the responsibility is out of the committee’s hands. She said the committee might meet again in the future to see how the referrals are proceeding.
Bruininks said the progress reports would be made public early next week but would not contain the names of the individuals.
Other members of the committee include Cathrine Wambach, General College professor, and Rodney Smith, associate professor of applied economics.
The colleges should complete the judicial process by June 1, Bruininks said.

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