War is justified

After reading “U.S. represents threat to world peace,” (Sept. 25) I am curious how President George W. Bush can be a threat to world peace. He has not only asked Congress for permission to go to war with Iraq, but he has also allowed the United Nations to take the lead in deciding if there even needs to be a war. All of our government’s planning for war is perfectly justified. Saddam Hussein is a cruel, vicious dictator who has broken his promises time and again. There is no reason to suspect that this time will be any different. That’s why the United States and Britain are preparing for war. If Saddam fails to live up to his promises this time he will be removed. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because good people like Bush and Blair value the lives of their citizens and innocent people everywhere over the life of a madman like Saddam. Blair and Bush want to stop Saddam, and leaders/terrorists like him, so the people of the world will never wake up one morning, turn on their TVs and see a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, New York, London or Minneapolis. The American government is acting in the world’s best interest: It’s just too bad that certain small-minded individuals here and abroad can’t see that.