Hear Elmo Roar

Once again Elmo is feeling the urge to make use of his incredible godlike powers for the sole purpose of placing awe into the hearts of mortal man. In such times, our beloved imp can become the ocean and cause a typhoon in Indonesia. Elmo can turn himself into a bee and fly about your head as you are enjoying a snack in the pleasant weather. Elmo might make like a whirlwind and topple a trailer park in Texas, just for fun. . Elmo can become a nasty episode of heat lighning, or with a voice like a thunderstorm, say: “Today: sunny, high in middle 70s, kinda windy. Tonight: low in the 50s. Friday maybe I will be a thunderstorm. Or maybe I’ll be the air around you, in the 70s. Remember! Although I am only an imp, still, I will kill you.”