Minneapolis police chase leaves 3 injured, 2 dead

Kia Farhang

A chase through south Minneapolis for a burglary suspect came to a violent end Friday, news sources reported.

The chase, which left two dead and three hospitalized, began when a neighborhood resident tipped off police after seeing the man he believed had burglarized his home, Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Two officers were shot while apprehending the suspect, who was killed. At the same time, a police SUV on the way to the scene collided with a motorcycle, killing the male driver and injuring his girlfriend, the Star Tribune reported.

The officers who were shot and the motorcycle passenger are all in satisfactory condition, the Pioneer Press reported.

A statement posted to the Minneapolis Police Department's Facebook page Saturday said investigators were still waiting on forensics tests and autopsy results to get a clear picture of what exactly occured during the struggle with the suspect. As for the motorcycle collision, the statement said the police car was traveling "well below" the posted speed limit when the accident occured.

"We are doing our best to be transparent and share information as quickly as possible," Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau said in the statement.