Oscar Noms are Out

by Kara Nesvig

 The Oscar nominations were released this morning, and I’m really surprised by a few of their omissions and submissions. Take for example Leonardo DiCaprio, who was basically a shoo-in for "Revolutionary Road." Totally ignored for Best Actor. Actually, "Revolutionary Road" was ignored in all the big categories, which I was really taken aback by, given Kate Winslet’s sweep at the Golden Globes. (Kate’s still nominated for "The Reader," in the Best Supporting Actress category.) Also, Kate’s husband, director Sam Mendes, was ignored–snubbing? I don’t know, the ladies on "The View" are sure making it out to be. At least Kate’s in! I love her. 

Heath Ledger AND Robert Downey Jr. (for his blackface role in "Tropic Thunder," a comedy I never thought would get nominated by the notoriously stuffy Academy) are nominated for Best Supporting Actor, and "Wall-E" just didn’t make it for Best Picture, even though I was hoping it would. It’s in for Best Animated, anyway, and it’ll win over "Bolt" and "Kung Fu Panda."

I am SO rooting for Anne Hathaway (to the disappointment of parts of A&E, who hate her for some reason) for "Rachel Getting Married," which made me cry for the entire last hour of the film. They’re releasing it in theaters all over the nation now, due to the Oscar season, so go check it out.

There are a lot of nods for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," and basically everyone who saw it told me it was dramatically underwhelming–Brangelina are both nominated, but I’d have stuck Kate in Angie’s place. I didn’t see "Changeling," but I can’t imagine she gave a performance better than the one she did for "Girl Interrupted."

I wonder who will receive the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor, because I can’t help but think that Heath Ledger will get it just because he died. I’m not saying he was nominated simply because he died, because he freaks me out as the Joker, but. . .

You can check out the entire list here: http://www.oscar.com/nominees/?pn=nominees

Can’t wait to see the dresses.