A guide to end of September (for gender studies majors)

Sarah Harper

Attention Gender and Women’s Studies majors: y’all are about to strike it big in the cultural goldmine. Before October hits us with its pumpkin spice lattes and daily midterms, there’s time to take advantage of late September’s plethora of gender-centric events.

Kick off your weekend on Thursday with Aqua’s 18+ night. Bring your notebook – this is your chance to conduct an ethnographic study on the shadester guys who go to 18+ nights.

Catch Ani DiFranco at Pantages Theatre on Friday night. Doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets cost a whopping $43. But this is worth it because DiFranco might be your hero. If she’s not, be sure to check her out anyway – you might be able to reference the feminist singer’s lyrics (which are sometimes about issues like abortion and rape) in class on Monday.

Hit up Sarah Jessica Parker in “I Don’t Know How She Does It” at any movie theater. This came out Friday and didn’t exactly win over the hearts of critics, so you won’t have to fight any crowds. If you study the place of motherhood in our society,  you’ll get a kick out of the portrayal of a breadwinning mama by SJP.

Finally, take some time to clear out your schedule for Robert Dubac’s one-man show, “The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?” which will open next Wednesday, Sept. 28 at the New Century Theatre (615 Hennepin Avenue).  Robert Dubac will play a man dumped by his girlfriend who receives advice from five chauvinistic mentors.  Fun will be poked at gender matters.

For those of you who care about the whole dude/chick deal, you’ve got some good options coming up. Enjoy.