Vote Yes for the Arts

As the country nears Election Day, campaigns of all sorts on campus kick into frenzy mode trying to win your attention and your vote. Unfortunately, most of these political initiatives take sides, thereby turning off half of the population to their message. The Vote Yes for Minnesota campaign, however, does not endorse any candidate, nor does it tell you for whom to cast your vote. Rather, it urges you to keep this beautiful state of Minnesota in mind when you finally look at the ballot on Nov. 4. For those who have not heard of this campaign, Vote Yes deals with the proposed Clean Water, Land, and Legacy amendment to the Minnesota Constitution. It involves a three-eighths of 1 percent sales tax increase to protect and clean MinnesotaâÄôs waters, trail systems and arts programs. Art programs are one of the first to get cut when school systems face budget crises and many of the existing programs are underfunded or understaffed. Yet the Twin Cities especially is known for its cultural diversity and enrichment opportunities. ThatâÄôs a reputation worth preserving. So if youâÄôre leery about voting yes, do it for the arts: we can all use some more cultural beauty in our lives. HereâÄôs to the arts and cultural heritage of Minnesota: may they receive time and consideration in your mind when you think about the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment. Go to if you want more information about this amendment. Gael Zembal University student