Medical student faces charges

The sexual assault case against University medical student and former Boy Scout troop supervisor Alan Michael Scott is scheduled to begin today in Hennepin County District Court.
Edina police arrested Scott in April after a member of his troop claimed Scott molested him on numerous occasions between 1995 and 1997.
Scott, 26, has entered a plea of not guilty.
His attorney, Tina Appleby, said the trial could be delayed because Hennepin County has more cases than judges.
Appleby said she believes the prosecution does not have any physical evidence and has no case. It is one person’s word against another, she said.
Prosecuting attorney Paul Young of the Anoka County Attorney’s Office said he has enough evidence but could not speculate before the trial. Young took over the case for Hennepin County after a potential conflict of interest arose with the previous attorney. Young didn’t know the nature of the conflict.
A judge ruled in July that Scott could continue his studies at the Medical School where juveniles are present because of his presumption of innocence. At the hearing, Appleby said children would be fully clothed and would have no physical contact with Scott during clinical sessions.
If convicted, Scott faces up to 70 years in prison and $105,000 in fines.
— Scott M. Larson